Monday, 6 October 2008


Just thought I'd post some things I'm lusting after - ooh how I wish I was rich and famous!! It's my birthday on Friday 17th October and I'm asking for topshop and urban outfitters - hopefully then I can buy some of the things on my lust list :D I'm after three pairs of leggings - dark grey ones for daily usage, shiny black ones and shiny gold ones hehe. I also really need a black leather skirt or some sort of tight high waisted black skirt and I would lovee some leather trouserss but I doubt they'll look good on me. And how gorgeous are these pink DrMs? I dunno if I'd have the confidence to wear them but they sure are glamorous grunge. Ooh I can't wait for shopping after mt birthday! As well as vouchers etc, I've been promised a second hand sewing machine and someone's going to teach me how to use it etc, I've wanted one for a while now so that I can finally make my own clothes yay! I'll probs have to start off with something basic but in a few years time I could be...... . . . hmm ok lets not get carried away ;)

Well enough of my wants and needs and must havess. I've noticed quite a lot of bloggers are looking for good songs to buy/download so I thought I'd recommend some of my fave songs at the moment, it all depends on your music taste I guess.

MGMT - time to pretend
MGMT - pieces of what
Hot chip - ready for the floor
The Kills - cheap and cheerful
The Kills - last day of magic
The Kills - sour cherry
The Arcade Fire - wake up
The strokes - Last night
The strokes - someday
Radiohead - nude
Radiohead - creep
Pendulum - Propane Nightmares
Pendulum - Slam
Hadouken! - Get smashed gate crash

also, i've noticed no one has left me any messages in my little comment cbox! please do! :)


Emily Rose~Loves Cheerios said...

Yes Linking would be fine!
I love your montage of little pieces, so many lovely bright colours, the pink Doc's look gor-geous, although I wouldn't be sure if I could pull them off, but I'm sure you could!
Also, just readying one of your past posts I see you went to London Fashion Weekend-you lucky girl! I so wanted to go but with annoying unorganized parents it didn't really happen :( anyhow there is always next year!
Thank you for your lovely comment...

Shoshi said...

Your welcome, thank-you for yours! Oh you should definitely go next year, it's brilliant, I would save up though because it's the type of thing were you will spend a LOT of money lol. Haha I don't trust my parents to organize things like that they're so forgetful, I just asked for the credit card and took it from there :) haha xx

Caitlin said...

yeah! we can exchange links! thanks for the comment and...your blog it really cool too! I got my skirt at h&m I wear it all the time! it's really comfortable!
have a great day!

Shoshi said...

thanks, i had a feeling it was from h&m lol. i'll add you now, have a great day also!

Jade said...

Ooh I don't blame you for lusting over those items! And aren't we lucky having our birthdays soon - mine's the 16th :)
Yeah no problem, I shall link you now!

p.s. the heels are from peacocks, a bargain at £12.

Valentine said...

im looking to buy more leggings as well-- im looking for purple, yellow and maroon ones.. hehe.. and Doc Martens always look awesome nevermind that people think they're so passe.. lol.

and I love your song list. Im in love with the kills and radiohead. :-)


Shoshi said...

Ooh I agree Jade, wow we must be pretty similar then if our birthdays are so close. I read your profile and I like nearly all the things you do - the bell jar is a brilliant book, and i love pan's labyrinth.

Shoshi said...

ooh purple, maroon and yellow (well, mustard) are my favourite colours in clothing - you have to buy those leggings! i prefer to wear brightly coloured tights and duller colours for leggings, i dunno why lol.

Jenny H. said...

ahhh thank you for your cute little comment.
yeah i would love to trade links!

simply.steph said...

aww showing some love in the comment box, I do enjoy MGMT to nooooo end. just had to add that =)

Coco Crush said...

Thanks for your comment :).
Balmain was definenately one of my favourites.
I'd love to exchange links, I put you on immediately!

yiqin; said...

I want those shiny leggings too! But AA sells them pretty expensive :/

EMS said...

gosh all of thoeses things are lust

Dapper Kid said...

Ooooo love the choices! And you have to buy some Doc's, I love mine, you just need to make sure you break them in properly!

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Wanting and needing have deferent meaning. I’ll go for the needs first, love the leggings.

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Compare said...

I love the shoes, amazing picks! I want all of it.

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