Thursday, 2 October 2008

Paris Fashion Week

While I've been away Milan and Paris fashion week have nearly been and gone! And now I realise I've posted nothing on either of them. To be honest, I'm never that interested in Milan fashion week, it's not really my style, although there were a few nice collections this season. However, I was intrigued by Paris Fashion week.

Balmain was definitely my favourite show from Paris Fashion week. It had so many things I love at the moment - drummer boy jackets, electric coloured dresses, studs everywhere, sequins, ripped jeans, flowing dresses. I also loved how wearable the collection was - oh if only I could afford Balmain!

One show that captured my attention particularly was the Balenciaga show. I loved how the mixture of textures and colours played with the light, giving off a futuristic, sci-fi vibe. However, for me this collection was more of what we've seen before like the whole futuristic trend in the 90s at the excitement of the milenium.

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ryder said...

i am amazed with belmain show. so creative, so great tailoring, so warable.... shoes-did you see the shoes?amazing!
on the otehr hand balanciaga is a total disapintment for me. i was expecting more.