Thursday, 2 October 2008

I'm back!

Well I'm back from London, I had a lovely time visiting family and friends and managed to fit in plenty of shopping! London Fashion weekend was incredible, they had set up a big white marquee on the lawn of the natural history museum and inside each company/designer/boutique had its own little stall. There were loads of lesser known designers and small boutiques/vintage stuff and some bigger designers, but the prices for the big designers were quite high, lower than retail price but still too expensive for me! However, I did find some good buys! I bought a beautiful dark maroon transparent silk blouse with ruffles from juicy couture for just £20! And a funky mustard coloured grandpa hat with a big red flower on it from a random hat boutique for £35. Next year I'm going to save up to take full advantage! After the event we had lunch on some benches near spitalfields market and then went vintage shopping on brick lane. We stumbled across a great little market in brick lane where I bought a vintage dress and my friend bought a gorgeous green jacket.

Here's some pictures of my trip...

Oooh I nearly forgot...the goody bag! It wasn't as good as I was expecting, I think I was expecting the same type of stuff as the fashion week bags haha. It had this random wrinkle cream stuff, some tony and guy hair cream, a cute little box of...sanitary towels ha, a little pink diary, a big galaxy (not shown in the picture because I've devoured it, of course), a tester of some san tropez and elizabeth arden stuff. The bag was cute though! And here's a picture of my juicy couture blouse.

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