Thursday, 2 October 2008

Playlist of my life

Found this somewhere, looks fun! Stick your itunes onto shuffle songs and see which songs you get for the playlist of your life! Here's mine.

Opening Credits: black balloon - the kills
Waking Up: blood sugar - pendulum
First Day At School: over and over - hot chip
Making your new best friend: smack my bitch up - the prodigy (haha)
Falling In Love: little miss pipedream - the wombats
Breaking Up: soldier - eminem
Prom: steady as she goes - the raconteurs
Graduation: seventeen - sex pistols
Life's Okay: last request - paolo nutini
Death of a close friend: touch the sky - kanye west, lupe fiasco
Mental Breakdown: starlight - muse
Driving: walk away - christina aguilera
Flashback: cool - gwen stefani
Getting Back Together: fluorescent adolescent
Birth of Child: since u been gone - kelly clarkson
Wedding Scene: where is the love - black eyed peas
Car Accident: granite - pendulum
Final Battle: the french open - foals
Death Scene: turd on the run - the rolling stones
Funeral Song: charmer - kings of leon
End Credits: party in a forest - the wombats (wtf)

Ok, I take it back. Don't do this. It's shit and a waste of time.



Penny said...

love the raconteurs, tho i think their first album was much better.

kokostiletto said...

ooh this looks cool? what is the link?

Sydneydoll said...

the kills are really good.
i like a lot of your choices.

despite what you say i shall try this : )

my last post was called "Starlight"

Shoshi said...

Thanks, but theyre not my choices. I just put my itunes onto shuffle and put down which songs came up. It would be better if I chose the songs myself! Ooh great to see some er kills and raconteurs fans :)

yiqin; said...

Wow, yay just when my mp3 player crashed & I need to look for songs :) Thanks!

fashionista said...

Freaky stuff.