Wednesday, 8 October 2008

Gossip girl

Abigail Lorick is the designer behind Eleanor Waldorf's designs in Gossip girl- and what better a way to gain fans than to have your designs splattered on one of the biggest Tv shows of the moment. All of Eleanor's designs are real designs from Abigail's collection named Lorick. Here are my favourite designs of hers from the Gossip Girl.

I recently found some pictures of her spring 2009 collection presentation - I was blown away! It reminded me somehow of Gwen Stefani's whole fairytale harajuku look and juicy couture. I loved how the set emphasized chaos in everyday rooms, like the room with loads of televisions and the messy rooms, as if disaster has just struck. The clothes were very pretty and feminine. I loved the mix of soft ice-cream colours and dulled gold, and the shimmering linens and silks.

Abigail Lorick with two of the actresses from Gossip girl

Monday, 6 October 2008


Just thought I'd post some things I'm lusting after - ooh how I wish I was rich and famous!! It's my birthday on Friday 17th October and I'm asking for topshop and urban outfitters - hopefully then I can buy some of the things on my lust list :D I'm after three pairs of leggings - dark grey ones for daily usage, shiny black ones and shiny gold ones hehe. I also really need a black leather skirt or some sort of tight high waisted black skirt and I would lovee some leather trouserss but I doubt they'll look good on me. And how gorgeous are these pink DrMs? I dunno if I'd have the confidence to wear them but they sure are glamorous grunge. Ooh I can't wait for shopping after mt birthday! As well as vouchers etc, I've been promised a second hand sewing machine and someone's going to teach me how to use it etc, I've wanted one for a while now so that I can finally make my own clothes yay! I'll probs have to start off with something basic but in a few years time I could be...... . . . hmm ok lets not get carried away ;)

Well enough of my wants and needs and must havess. I've noticed quite a lot of bloggers are looking for good songs to buy/download so I thought I'd recommend some of my fave songs at the moment, it all depends on your music taste I guess.

MGMT - time to pretend
MGMT - pieces of what
Hot chip - ready for the floor
The Kills - cheap and cheerful
The Kills - last day of magic
The Kills - sour cherry
The Arcade Fire - wake up
The strokes - Last night
The strokes - someday
Radiohead - nude
Radiohead - creep
Pendulum - Propane Nightmares
Pendulum - Slam
Hadouken! - Get smashed gate crash

also, i've noticed no one has left me any messages in my little comment cbox! please do! :)

Sunday, 5 October 2008

Just got the new pendulum album!

Here's some recent outfits I've been wearing :)

Ahh I'm sorry for the really crap quality, I will try and change it soon. Anwayss, if you're wondering where some of the stuff is from I'll show you clockwise from the top left photo. Haha this will probably give you a good idea where I get most of my clothes from. Although I do have a lot of stuff from topshop that's not pictured. And as I'm sure you can see YESS I have a Betsey Johnson handbag, I got it last christmas and it is the sole love of my life :D

1. high waisted skirt - urban outfitters
long sleeved tee - primark
boots - new look
hat - dorothy perkins

2. dress - bershka
shoulder bag - primark
pocket watch necklace - portobello market

3. tank top - h&m
skirt - h&m
bag - betsey johnson (my baby)

4. strap top - h&m
skirt (again) - h&m
cardigan - h&m
belt - h&m

5. top - h&m
shorts - zara
belt - h&m
bag - bershka

6. leather jacket - new look
dress - vintage from brick lane

Thursday, 2 October 2008

Playlist of my life

Found this somewhere, looks fun! Stick your itunes onto shuffle songs and see which songs you get for the playlist of your life! Here's mine.

Opening Credits: black balloon - the kills
Waking Up: blood sugar - pendulum
First Day At School: over and over - hot chip
Making your new best friend: smack my bitch up - the prodigy (haha)
Falling In Love: little miss pipedream - the wombats
Breaking Up: soldier - eminem
Prom: steady as she goes - the raconteurs
Graduation: seventeen - sex pistols
Life's Okay: last request - paolo nutini
Death of a close friend: touch the sky - kanye west, lupe fiasco
Mental Breakdown: starlight - muse
Driving: walk away - christina aguilera
Flashback: cool - gwen stefani
Getting Back Together: fluorescent adolescent
Birth of Child: since u been gone - kelly clarkson
Wedding Scene: where is the love - black eyed peas
Car Accident: granite - pendulum
Final Battle: the french open - foals
Death Scene: turd on the run - the rolling stones
Funeral Song: charmer - kings of leon
End Credits: party in a forest - the wombats (wtf)

Ok, I take it back. Don't do this. It's shit and a waste of time.


Paris Fashion Week

While I've been away Milan and Paris fashion week have nearly been and gone! And now I realise I've posted nothing on either of them. To be honest, I'm never that interested in Milan fashion week, it's not really my style, although there were a few nice collections this season. However, I was intrigued by Paris Fashion week.

Balmain was definitely my favourite show from Paris Fashion week. It had so many things I love at the moment - drummer boy jackets, electric coloured dresses, studs everywhere, sequins, ripped jeans, flowing dresses. I also loved how wearable the collection was - oh if only I could afford Balmain!

One show that captured my attention particularly was the Balenciaga show. I loved how the mixture of textures and colours played with the light, giving off a futuristic, sci-fi vibe. However, for me this collection was more of what we've seen before like the whole futuristic trend in the 90s at the excitement of the milenium.

I'm back!

Well I'm back from London, I had a lovely time visiting family and friends and managed to fit in plenty of shopping! London Fashion weekend was incredible, they had set up a big white marquee on the lawn of the natural history museum and inside each company/designer/boutique had its own little stall. There were loads of lesser known designers and small boutiques/vintage stuff and some bigger designers, but the prices for the big designers were quite high, lower than retail price but still too expensive for me! However, I did find some good buys! I bought a beautiful dark maroon transparent silk blouse with ruffles from juicy couture for just £20! And a funky mustard coloured grandpa hat with a big red flower on it from a random hat boutique for £35. Next year I'm going to save up to take full advantage! After the event we had lunch on some benches near spitalfields market and then went vintage shopping on brick lane. We stumbled across a great little market in brick lane where I bought a vintage dress and my friend bought a gorgeous green jacket.

Here's some pictures of my trip...

Oooh I nearly forgot...the goody bag! It wasn't as good as I was expecting, I think I was expecting the same type of stuff as the fashion week bags haha. It had this random wrinkle cream stuff, some tony and guy hair cream, a cute little box of...sanitary towels ha, a little pink diary, a big galaxy (not shown in the picture because I've devoured it, of course), a tester of some san tropez and elizabeth arden stuff. The bag was cute though! And here's a picture of my juicy couture blouse.

Thursday, 25 September 2008


Sorry guys but I probably won't post for a few days because I'll be away in London, but I might post when I'm there...depends how busy I am! But I promise I shall come back with lots of photos of London fashion weekend, wish me luck for some good finds!

Shoshi x

Tuesday, 23 September 2008


Wow wow wow I have just bought the October 2008 issue of Elle and flicked through...


This issue looks amazing, I haven't had a good read of it yet but I shall have a thorough look tonight and post my findings tomorrow :D

Also, (random thoughts while watching the hills) does anyone else think its rather funny how they're playing a song called "bad girl" in the background when Stephanie goes on a date with doug behind lauren's back in season 4 episode 7? Ha.

Monday, 22 September 2008

London Fashion Weekend

This weekend I'm going to London to visit friends and family and lucky for me, London fashion weekend is from thursday - sunday. So I'm going on Saturday. It's basically a big event where designers sell their stuff at trade show prices to the public, in the grounds of The Natural History Museum...I can't wait!! Also, there's goodie bags! But I have one idea what to wear! I have to pass for 18 by the way, but I'm not too worried about that because as long as I look mature and sophistique hopefully it shall be ok :) So any ideas for outfits? Just general ideas. Here's the website: I will defoz be taking pictures so I shall post them after :)

Sunday, 21 September 2008

Playing dress-up

This is actually a lace skirt, but it's a weird length so I thought I'd try it as a top, and it worked! I think it looks cute with the flower in my hair.

This is a gym class heroes t-shirt i got from their gig, they have such awesome graphics, I think this looks really funky with the tights and jacket.

This is actually a vest top which I've pulled down and tucked into a belt so it looks like a skirt.

I got this skirt/top from a market in Israel.


So I thought it was about time I posted some of my outfits from my polyvore account!

Saturday, 20 September 2008

MGMT - pieces of what

You should probably know that MGMT are one of my favourite bands, but most people just know their big hits like time to pretend and kids. My favourite song of theirs is Pieces of what, it just always chills me out. It's so underated, it deserves more credit than it's given! So check it out :)


She's funky, she's fresh, she's KESH! Kesh is a 21 year old British Designer/DJ. She started out with designing T-shirts and she was discovered after meeting Kanye West and Lupe Fiasco and handing out samples of her T-shirts. She's recently held her first fashion show. It's impossible to describe her style, it's just so crazy! Acidic colours, Gold blinggg, nu rave, indie, funk, disco, electronic are some words that come to mind.

She's a complete cheapskate - and that's why I love her! In all her interviews she's like "oh yea, this was £1." Nearly everything she wears is customized or made by herself, I saw an awesome video in which she made a dress in 30 minutes for an interview, and it was gorgeous! She just makes it all look so easy. Type "kesh 20 minute dress" into google.

She also DJs in her spare time and at the moment she's travelling all around the world for her DJ-ing. Here's an interview with her, she seems so nice and down to earth!