Tuesday, 23 September 2008


Wow wow wow I have just bought the October 2008 issue of Elle and flicked through...


This issue looks amazing, I haven't had a good read of it yet but I shall have a thorough look tonight and post my findings tomorrow :D

Also, (random thoughts while watching the hills) does anyone else think its rather funny how they're playing a song called "bad girl" in the background when Stephanie goes on a date with doug behind lauren's back in season 4 episode 7? Ha.


Dapper Kid said...

Yip yip this month's ELLE is pretty darn fantastic! Oh and check out Vogue for the Kate Moss shoot, it's quite nice. Annnnd I do love The Hills.

sydneydoll said...

i don't watch the hills anymore
i felt it was getting far too fake.
whitney is great though.