Sunday, 21 September 2008

Playing dress-up

This is actually a lace skirt, but it's a weird length so I thought I'd try it as a top, and it worked! I think it looks cute with the flower in my hair.

This is a gym class heroes t-shirt i got from their gig, they have such awesome graphics, I think this looks really funky with the tights and jacket.

This is actually a vest top which I've pulled down and tucked into a belt so it looks like a skirt.

I got this skirt/top from a market in Israel.


shloe said...

woow! nice blog! , you have much style !

whether, helps a lot exchanging links

your blog is in my links! :)

EMS said...

love love love all your outfit
your so creative, skirt that was a vest top looks lush
i've linked you to babe

yiqin; said...

Gym class heroes songs are so fun to sing along! hahah you have a great collection of skirts!!

Alya said...

I like it when people get creative with items of clothing :)

coco said...

I love all the different purples and the coloured tights. Great looks.

Dapper Kid said...

Loove the first skirt vest!! And the last skirt is divine :) Oh oh and loving the mustard yellow :)

Dana (MODAna) said...

Israel is #1