Saturday, 20 September 2008


She's funky, she's fresh, she's KESH! Kesh is a 21 year old British Designer/DJ. She started out with designing T-shirts and she was discovered after meeting Kanye West and Lupe Fiasco and handing out samples of her T-shirts. She's recently held her first fashion show. It's impossible to describe her style, it's just so crazy! Acidic colours, Gold blinggg, nu rave, indie, funk, disco, electronic are some words that come to mind.

She's a complete cheapskate - and that's why I love her! In all her interviews she's like "oh yea, this was £1." Nearly everything she wears is customized or made by herself, I saw an awesome video in which she made a dress in 30 minutes for an interview, and it was gorgeous! She just makes it all look so easy. Type "kesh 20 minute dress" into google.

She also DJs in her spare time and at the moment she's travelling all around the world for her DJ-ing. Here's an interview with her, she seems so nice and down to earth!

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Dapper Kid said...

She is totally fabulous, love the colour :)